Top Ten FAQ from Guests

At The Crossing, our passion is to design weekend services where you find real answers. There is hope. Let us help you connect to Him.

1. Is the roof going to cave in on me? Or sometimes stated, “Am I going to get struck by lightning?”

We understand. Sometimes people think that God is mad at them and is looking to “Get’em.”

Relax. We have steal beams to support our roof. We didn’t’ even cover them up so that you could see them when you walk in. Lol. And also, all of heaven will be happy when you go to church.

2. Is anyone going to acknowledge me?

I don’t think there’s anything worse than going to church and no one talking to you. We want you to know up front that we are glad you came. We will do our best to make you feel at home.

3. Are my kids going to be safe?

For many, the most frequent exposure to churches and children has been news stories of pedophiles violating kids. You’ve taught your kids all their life to be wary of strangers and now you’re not only completely surrounded by them, but we’re asking you to “trust” us. That can be scary.

We do an extensive background check on every worker in our Children’s Ministry. Protecting your children is a top priority. A happy childhood lasts a lifetime is more than a slogan to us. It’s a command from God to do no harm to His children.

4. Is the message going to be boring or confusing?

Our Pastor has two doctorate degrees. But the funny thing is that people are often shocked to learn that after they hear him preach. He takes that as a compliment. His goal is to take the complex issues of the Bible and present them in a relevant, engaging manner. He connects emotionally through laughter and tears. And his message is always deeply rooted in the profound principles of God’s word.

5. Am I going to be dressed right?

Let me tell you a story that will help explain how we feel about this issue. I guy came to our church in a 3-piece suit. He walked in and noticed no one else was wearing a suit. One of the guys offered him a donut and some coffee. He said he didn’t know that we didn’t wear suits. The church member said, “You can wear a suit to our church if you want to. We don’t care how you dress.” The guy laughed because for years he had been saying that to people we came to his church wearing blue jeans.

The bottom line is that we just don’t really care what you wear. Be comfortable. You will see suits, shorts, flip-flops and boots. There’s even one guy that wears flip-flops with his suit. We love him.

6. Will I know where to go?

We have two things that will help you navigate our building: Signs and People.

First thing that will happen is you will be greeted in the parking lot. At the door, someone will open it for you. Once you are inside, it gets even easier because we can escort you and your family wherever you want to go.

Hint: The donuts are 12 feet from the entrance straight ahead.

7. Who can I ask a question?

This is where our passion starts to show. We exist to connect people to God, Others, and their Purpose. We don’t want you to be confused about where to start. So, we make it easy.

People wearing red vests know everything. The back of the vest says “I’m Connected.” Get it? If you want to know something just ask anyone of them.

8. Are they going to do anything weird?

Going to church for most guests is like visiting a foreign country. The culture is so different that I don’t know what’s going to happen and I’m terrified I’ll be put in an uncomfortable situation. Everybody knows Christians are different, they’re just hoping they’re not psycho.

We get it. We promise that we are not weird. We are just like you. Hehe

9. Am I going to have to sing or clap?

We have an exciting worship band that leads us each Sunday morning and Wednesday night. Most of us like to sing the songs along with them. If you listen to KLOVE and WALK FM you will recognize the songs. Even if you don’t know the songs you can still sing along with the words on the screen…if you want to.

Do what feels natural to you.

10. Is there any hope?

This last question really is the number one most Frequently Asked Question. Most poeple are secretly wondering if there is hope for them. They’re praying that second chances are real. They’re hoping that God really can fix broken hearts and homes.